Harewood Classic Car Show, Sunday 2nd July 2017

Classic Car Shows held this “their new event” at the beautiful Harewood House on July 2nd. The first 750 tickets were given free and our club (never at the back of the queue) managed to get some for our members. These tickets allowed access to the park, the bird garden and the lower floors of the house and many took advantage of the chance to have a good look around free of all the usual charges.

Entry and Exit planning was far better than in previous shows at Harewood with only a short delay at the expected queue at the entrance. Arriving early meant the The City of Leeds MG and Classic Car Club display area was in a prime position not only in front of the house but was also next to the arena. Twenty three club members cars were on show and with a large variety of makes, compared to the one make clubs, our display was admired by many visitors. The weather was kind to us all day and food and drinks were easily purchased for reasonable prices. The auto jumble that was advertised was however very limited.

I feel that this is one show that should be added to next year’s list of shows that the club should attend for sure, but probably it will not always be free.

Dennis Hodge
Show secretary