The history of the club

Leeds MG car club as it was first named, was formed by a few enthusiastic and former members of local car clubs in 2002. There were some nights when only 2 or 3 members were at a club meeting, but through those disheartening times, with the help of a small base of members and also the past and present committees ,the club has evolved into what it is today.

The last few years has seen an upsurge in the club both in the membership numbers and the varied programme that is now offered, ranging from club nights, evening and Sunday runs throughout the year, week ends away, car shows and now a national run “The Yorkshire Pudding Run” which attracts not only local entrants but entrants from all over the country, and also Europe who join us to celebrate Yorkshire Day.

All these events are organised by an enthusiastic committee and membership all helping to make the club as successful as it is. Modern technology has not passed us by, as you will see from this website and regular updates have become a vital part of the club by providing members with information at the touch of a button. A monthly newsletter is provided and is eagerly awaited by members, an e-mag version is also available and this seems to be the preferred method of receipt by most members.

The first meeting at The Beehive in Thorner in July 2002 when only 8 people attended seems, and is, a long time ago and like all clubs and organisations there have been ups and downs through the years following. A club is only as good as its members and the team behind it. All the hard work continues and we are indeed very fortunate to have people who support us and our events – and with their dedication we as a club prosper.

Our mission statement of "the aims of the club are to promote friendship amongst classic car enthusiasts and to pool information, help and advice amongst members" is still as strong now as it was all those years ago and long may that continue, along with our motto “The club that likes to go places”.