Pride of Ownership Evening, 11th June 2018

Pride of Ownership Evening, Monday June 11th 2018

I set off from home at about 6.15pm, picked my Dad up on the way to take part in this event. We were lucky to have glorious weather all the way until we approached Scholes where we could see a big black cloud lurking. We arrived at The Buffers for 7pm to find people had already started to arrive, there were about 6 cars already in place, one of which was being pushed into place. This was a really nice bright red Fiat 500. It turned out that the car got a bit warm on its way over from Wakefield. Later in the evening it started absolutely fine so it obviously just needed to cool down for a while.

I got talking to the owner Ellie. It turned out the car had been a 10th Wedding Anniversary present from her husband Mike. Ellie told me she had always wanted one from being a little girl. The car was a bit of a project when purchased and needed restoring from the ground up. With lots of help from friends and family and also their two sons Ben and Matthew.

By 8pm the car park was full with 32 cars and 65 club members present. This seemed to please Charles immensely (must have been the prospect of free pie-n-peas that attracted so many). Joking apart, the rain did manage to hold off but there was talk of someone running a book on who would be the first to put their hood up and also in the shortest time. There were some lovely cars in attendance, too many to mention but just look at the club’s Facebook page for full details.

At 8.45pm everyone was seated inside in anticipation of the results and also the pie-n-pea supper. The judging for the car that the judge would most like to take home with them was done by the landlord of The Buffers, Darren with the help of his family who had the unenviable task with so many immaculate cars to choose from.

The results were announced as follows:

3rd place went to the Mini Cooper S of John & Anita Fishwick
2nd place went to Sue & Derrick Gough with their lovely Riley Elf Mk3
1st place went to Ellie, Mike, Ben and Matthew Roberts with their fantastic 1970 Fiat 500

Despite having troubles earlier their efforts were rewarded.


Once the results were announced and awards handed out we all enjoyed pie-n-peas provided free of charge by the club and served by the staff of The Buffers. The evening continued with the usual quiz and raffle before we all headed safely home. Well done to all the club members who attended and thank you to the staff of The Buffers for the food provided. A very good evening which was enjoyed by all.

Sean Craven