Pride of Ownership Monday June 13

Ronnie Rodley wins the event.

For the third consecutive year the annual “Pride of Ownership” evening took place, this year on the 13th June at our club night meeting at The Buffers.
Undeterred by a bad weather outlook and an overcast sky, 35 classic cars decided to brave the elements and submit their cars to be judged as ‘the car the judge would most like to take home’ and also for them to take home the prestigious club trophy. This year’s judge was Jason Bennett from The Buffers who with the help of his daughter Heather had the unenviable task of selecting a winner from the gathered contenders. After much deliberation, a decision was reached and the trophy for this year went to Ronnie Rodley with his Cobra followed by Neville & Geraldine Lawrence’s MGA and Paul Dobbins with his Wolseley 16/60.
After the presentation of the trophy and rosettes by Charles 54 members retired into The Buffers, after putting the hoods up as it had just started to rain. Our normal club night continued with the raffle etc. before all enjoying a pie & pea supper.
It was another very successful “Pride of Ownership” evening and the club would like to thank Jason and Heather for their time and contribution to the evening and for choosing Ronnie who went away that evening with 3 prizes in total, the trophy, a bottle of wine and a pork pie !!!!!!, that’s what you get when you sit on the lucky table. Thank you all for your support once again.

Graham & Barrie